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When the two home brewers and high school buddies, Morten and Jacob – after a wet night out in 2007 – decided that Amager needed its own brewery, they had hardly dreamt of where all of this would take them 14 years later. The two friends and Amager natives didn’t have as much as a single dime to invest in their new dream, so their start-up was modest. Their bank loan would only grant them a rented space in a former nuclear fallout shelter in Tårnby – a stone’s throw from the local church. Also the start-up ambitions were modest. The aim was to establish Amager Bryghus products as the go-to beer for local Amager residents. But when one of the brewery’s first beers ever “accidentally” ended up on an American Top 50 list of the best beers in the world, the ambitions had to be fine-tuned and upgraded, since the massive American craft beer market requested “Hr. Frederiksen,” which was the beer in question.

Suddenly the small brewery felt encouraged to brew even more interesting and experimental beers, giving Amager Bryghus an underground name among the more beer geeky and first moving craft beer crowd. Not only in Denmark, but across the world. Today you can find Amager beers in up to 30 countries all over the world.

Amager Bryghus also brews good mainstream beers for the traditional beer drinker, but it is especially the brewery’s very hoppy IPAs and juicy Imperial Stouts that have given them a name. In recent years, they have also garnered some of the country’s highest ratings for their beer aged in whisky barrels. Beers that have contributed to them being a fixture in the Top 100 list of the world’s best breweries over the past 12 years, according to the American beer review website ratebeer.com.

Even today – 14 years after its foundation – Amager Bryghus remains strictly independent, with founders Morten V. Lundsbak and Jacob Storm as the sole owners, in an equal 50/50 share.

What the future will bring to the small brewery with only 6 employees they dare not even guess about. But from Tårnby a promise goes out to continue launching a stream of innovative and interesting beers to craft beer lovers all over the world.